Shore to Shore

Calligraphy | Red Spider Lilies

I’m heavy on defeat,
My failures painfully destroy,
Soft the bones beneath my feet,
I’m not sure how to stand anymore.
My hands refuse to paint,
To write,
Or even to explore.

I can’t push myself to sleep,
For the fear of losing even more.
The ink on this pen is dry,
The paint on my brushes abhor.

No memories enough to retrieve,
Friendships fully washed by the shore,
In words unspoken,
In fonts I don’t adore,
My flesh, my blood and my fear,
All features fading to an eyesore.

How many breaths do I have left?
How many words can I write more?

I guess it all depends,
If I sleep tonight,
Or wake up by the final shore.

Excerpt Poem from Red Spider Lilies | Poetry Book |



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